FLOOR Lightweight Concrete
FLOOR Lightweight Concrete


Coated polystyrene beads for thermo-acoustic screeds lightweight concrete

Politerm Blu Fein aggregate is the essential element for our entire flooring line. These virgin, expanded polystyrene beads are granulometrically controlled, coated with our patented E.I.A. a specially designed adjuvant developed in our laboratory.

Lightweight concrete developed with Politerm Blu Fein offer good insulating properties and can be used for all kinds of floor covering substrates, screeds, insulating underfloor forms and under screeds, feather levelling, slope structures, various other fills, etc. They provide thermal insulation and soundproofing against impact sound.

Our granulates are expanded and processed in our plants: they’re made of pure virgin high quality raw material.

Lightweight concrete containing Politerm Blu Fein have densities varying between 200 kg/m3 (12.49 lb/ft3) and 1500 kg/m3 (93.64 lb/ft3).

These densities are lower than that of traditional concrete: between 40% and 90% lower weight, which will make structures much lighter.
This reduction in mass is a result of the reduction of traditional granulate through the addition of Politerm Blu Fein which provides conductivity coefficients as low as 0,066 W/mK. It’s an ideal insulator for development of various formulations of lightweight thermo-acoustic concretes, for adding insulating and soundproofing properties to various kinds of existing substrates in apartment buildings and single-family houses during new construction and renovation.

It can be used for all floor surfacing, screeds, underfloor forms, insulating underfloor forms and under screeds, feather levelling, slope structures, thermal insulation and soundproofing against impact sound.
Other fills as well. In the case of Politerm Blu Fein lightweight concrete with formulations starting at 500 kg/m3 (31.21 lb/ft3), when finished with a ruler (and depending on thickness), the properties of the beads mean that tiles can be directly installed after just 48 hours. No smoothing needed.



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